Artist Info

Alexander Lewis, raised a bi-coastal multi-instrumentalist, hailing originally from the Bay-Area, took to studying Jazz Performance in New York City at the Manhattan School of Music. During his time in college he became affiliated with the East Coast collective “Candid Music Group” alongside close-friends and producers Brasstracks and JNTHN STEIN. From there he was submersed into New York’s elite nightlife of various jazz ensembles and started taking on his own version of jazz-influenced electronic production, adapting, most notably, his Trombone into hip-hop fueled instrumentals. After years of self-releasing original content and remixes, his signature sound and unique blend of brass instruments gained the notoriety of veteran producers such as RL Grime, Tokimonsta, Alison Wonderland, Mr. Carmack and many others. Since then, he’s accumulated millions of streams, national tours and writing credits to some of pop musics largest releases, earning him a loyal following worldwide, and cemented him as one of electronic music’s most promising artists.