Artist Info

Jay is a Hungarian Producer & DJ. His original music and DJ sets range in style and genre containing House, Tech House, and Techno elements.

Jay Lumen is one of the most exciting developing artists in a new generation of DJs and producers. He has released music on some of the most respected labels in electronic music including Drumcode, Saved, Ministry of Sound, 100% Pure, Mistakes Music, and Great Stuff. Jay’s tracks frequent the top of the Beatport charts and have afforded him respect among fans and critics alike.

Music has been a part of Jay Lumen’s life since his early childhood years. He studied music in a conservatory for eight years developing his skill and ambition for music.

Even at a young age, Jay would play the compositions of classic artists in his own style. He was trained on a classical instrument – violin – but quickly realized that he could not fully express his creativity on only one instrument and turned to electronic production instead. He familiarized himself with synthesizers and

software and started creating his own sound.

Now a seasoned pro, Jay Lumen has toured extensively in Europe, North America, and internationally.