Artist Info

AsĀ Manila Killa, Chris Gavino produces a variety of summery EDM tracks ranging from tropical house to trap to chilled-out dance-pop. Gavino was born in the capital city of the Philippines (hence his moniker), but his family constantly relocated, so he also grew up in the United States and Indonesia. He learned to play cello at a young age, but he didn’t take music-making seriously until he started getting into electronic music when he was in high school.


Initially inspired by artists such as Daft Punk and Justice, he taught himself to use production software and started making dance music on his laptop. While attending college in the Washington, D.C. area, he formed a duo called Hotel Garuda along with Los Angeles-based producer Candle Weather, and co-founded the larger Moving Castle collective, which also includes AObeats and Robokid.


He also remixed songs by the likes of Flight Facilities, Kailee Morgue, Jeremy Zucker, Tegan and Sarah, and Dawn Golden & more. By that point, he had become a successful touring artist, performing worldwide at dance clubs as well as major festivals such as Firefly, Holy Ship, Hard Summer, he’ll be performing at electric forest, as well as electric zoo this summer. He began releasing original dance-pop singles in 2016, including “All That’s Left” (feat. Joni Fatora) and “Youth” (feat. Satica) . “I’m OK” (feat. Shaylen), “I Want You” (feat. Matthew John Kurz), and “Tonight” followed in 2017, making an incredible year for himself. This year, he released his standout track “everyday, everyday” (feat. Nevve), and recently was on aobeats mixtape on the single “epilogue”.